PSICAN - Paranormal Studies and Inquiry Canada

Nova Scotia

I was sitting in the theatre's green room in the basement of our music building of my university. I had heard some of the theatre majors talking about "the ghost" of the theatre, but I never thought much of it.

My friend and I were there late, watching movies in the green room and I heard some noises, like stuff being moved around. He told me that it was just the ghost and that I should just ignore "her" cuz she'd go away.

A few moments later, I heard some childlike laughing coming from the main theatre hallway. I wanted to check it out, but my friend told me to stay in the green room. The laughing disintegrated into nothing, and I got even more curious, so myself and my friend went down the hall (which wasn't lit, neither of us had lights at all) to investigate.

I kept hearing running footsteps, but they went away when we got to where they should have been. I remember seeing some misty-type stuff, but my friend told me that it was just dust from the rafters, or steam from the pipes that are around the main stage of the theatre. I haven't gone back to the theatre since.

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