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Nova Scotia

Haliburton House, Windsor, Nova Scotia

In the 1830s, Judge Thomas Chandler Haliburton wrote his famous "Sam Slick" stories at this elegant wooden villa overlooking extensive grounds. Visit the home of this lawyer, historian and author to get a feel for life in the mid-1800s. This site is an attraction for visitors interested in architecture, period upper class Nova Scotia lifestyles, antique ceramics, historic Nova Scotian houses, and antique timepieces. There are walking trails throughout the extensive grounds. The Judge must have loved it very much here because it is rumored he has never left. His smiling apparition can sometimes be seen coming through the wall by the reception area. Also, there is said to be a spirit of a Scottish soldier who died from a fall on his horse. He can still be seen appearing near the pond on the grounds where he passed away.

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