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Nova Scotia

Black Rock Beach in Halifax was the site of the public gallows during the mid 1700s. This specific location was chosen because it was highly visible, and therefore a strong warning to criminals not to break the law or they would face very harsh consequences.

According to the book Haunted Harbours by author/storyteller Steve Vernon Black Rock Beach is haunted by the spirit of a young man named Patrick Tulligan who was falsely accused, and hung for pirating.

"On certain August nights, a figure of a young man has been seen stooping and bending on Black Rock Beach, picking up pieces of something from the ground."

The "pieces of something" according to this legend are the pieces of bone that broke away, and landed on the beach after Patrick's body was allowed to rot, and turn to skeleton while on public display for 30 years.

This particular story has yielded a spin-off so to speak in that Patrick's lady love is also said to haunt. "Even now, the fishermen say that on long lonely August nights you can hear Belle walking the McNabs Island beach line, calling out soft and low to her long-lost lover - "Patrick, Oh, Patrick."

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