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Nova Scotia

The witness writes:


"When we were living in a house on Kent Ave. near to Hemlock Ravine Park (Bedford NS) we, my entire family, and some friends, experienced the following: A visible ball of light, one room in the house that was ice-cold even during the summer (no A/C was in the house), shadows passing by the doors, family pets freaking out a sudden cold winds coming from a children's play room, cold air "following" you in the same children's play room, the shadow of a British soldier "walking" along the wall, eyes in the shadows (this was really creepy) even during the day, and random items missing when you set them down even if you're the only one home.

It turns out that the Hemlock Ravine Park area has some troubled history and as did the house we lived in. I recently visited the house to say hello to the people living there now and you can tell a huge difference in the "aura" of the house. Experiencing something like this at such a young age makes you more "sensitive" to subsequent hauntings for the rest of your life, I believe."
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