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We received the following report in 2010 and includes some local lore. The witness' experience occurred during the summer at approx 3pm.


"Two friends and I went for a hike to a small local waterfall.There was a guy sitting on a rock fishing in this little waterhole. He was wearing a lumberjack checked (red and black) shirt and overhauls. We asked if he was catching anything. He never answered, after questioning him again if he caught anything he just turned his head and seemed to look at us. We noticed that he had two pupils in his eyes. We left quickly, but returned a few minutes later. He was gone. The place is remote and you can't just leave that quickly.
I've lived in the area all my life and people will say that the whole area is haunted.

The area has a history of things happening. People that live here will tell you different stories about the place. People say that ships use to be able to dock in the small pond that is still here. You can't access by the bay now, but that someone came ashore here when the Natives use to live in the area. The ones from the ship raped and killed a native girl. That is only one of many stories.  When I mentioned the man at the waterfall to some people, they said a fisherman had drowned down there. That was all I could find out. They say he is still down there. I have no facts to back up anything though."
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