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We received the following report of ghostly going-ons at the Waverley Inn in April 2011. The actual incident reportedly occurred in the previous year:


"My friend and I spent a night at The Waverley Inn in Halifax for her birthday. We were staying there because we had heard it was haunted and wanted to see what we would experience. We were staying in the Oscar While room which is located on the 3 floor of the building (not including the basement). As soon as we entered the building you could tell there was something unnatural there. As soon as we got settled we decided to explore. We hadn't seen any other guests so far as we walked around. The first place we went was the hallway. It was much more dimly lit than the other hallways and that gave it a creepy vibe. As we walked around, a door handle on one of the doors started to rattle as if someone was about to open the door. My friend and I quickly started to walk away thinking someone was about to leave their room. We lingered for a bit and realized no one had left the room. Later we came back to the door and realized it had no room number and was much smaller than the others. It was a closet and was locked. Later on that night we talked to the man behind the desk and he commented that there was only one other room being rented out in the building and they were on the floor below us. Also there were no maids in the building at the time. No one had even been up in that hallway that night."


Our thanks to our reader for sharing the above information. The Waverley Inn has an official website that has detailed information on the building's history. You can also read about an investigation of The Waverley Inn on Paul Kimball's website


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