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Nova Scotia

We received the following report in April 2011, but the event described occurred several years ago:


"This had happened to me several years ago.....I've always had an interest/curiosity in the supernatural.  At the time i was living in an old Victorian home in the south end of Halifax NS.  The lower floor of the home was separated by the main hallway by two enormously beautiful apartments with fireplaces in all rooms...the upper levels were small quarters/apartments sometimes sharing bathrooms.  Upon research from the elderly landlord of this house, it's history was of a family home that had servants quarters in the upper areas of the home.  The basement of the home which I for some reason found frightening but fascinating...had rows of bells attached to the rafters that were just below holes in the ceiling leading to the floors above.....I'd gathered that this was for the purpose of the homeowners to call to their servants...?


The tenants of the home had always talked about strange happenings in the house..and I'd experienced nothing other than just an unusual feel about the house..very peculiar.  One night while in bed I was awoken to the figure of a tall slender man standing in the doorway of the bedroom.  He appeared to float (not walk) to the left side of my bed and stood over me.  I couldn't see any facial features, but could tell that he was tall and slender, with dark hair parted to the side...he was wearing a white dress shirt and black pants...but i couldn't see his face...he then said to me "tell me about our salvation" and as he said this i was scrambling to the other side of the bed...and then he disappeared.  I don't recall finding him personally threatening...but i was certainly terrified by this seemed he was looking for information from me...and that was it. 


I never experienced anything notable after that point other than just the strange feeling the house had.  Soon after that strangely enough one of the tenants died tragically in one of the downstairs was a ghastly and memorable time for me....and the house was sold by it owner and the new owners renovated the entire building into condos......I've always wondered since if the new occupants have experienced anything unusual.  I know the other tenants in the building when I was there had strange things happen to them that I can't recall exact details....but it was often mentioned...".


 Our thanks go out to the witness for sharing this with us. If you have had a similar experience or if this sounds familiar or you can add some information please contact us at Your privacy will be protected and confidentiality is assured.