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Nova Scotia

The witness writes:


"As a child, I would repeatedly tell my mother that when I was playing in the basement of our home, that something was "with" me. I always felt a presence, would see objects move and would test her by outlining objects in chalk, lock the door and not let anyone enter. When I would open the door, the objects would be 1-2 inches out of the outline I had made. Finally, my mom told me that it was just my great-grandmother looking over me, and that other family members had seen/felt her presence over the years.

She had actually moved residences!

Right around the time I started telling my mother about my experiences, my grandfather told her that his experiences with his mother had ended.
I have had her move objects, repeatedly play a single key on her old piano, communicate via Ouija board and one day found her standing next to me! Her apparition faded, but shortly after, my disbelieving father admitted to my mother that he saw her standing in his bedroom doorway.

After my mother died of cancer, my great-grandmother communicated with me and when I asked her if I would ever see my mother, she answered "No,  she is at rest." After my father remarried, we had some unexplained occurrences at our new house, to which my step-mother was quite disturbed by.
In all, 5 family members saw her full-body apparition over the years."


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