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The following events reportedly occurred in 2004 in Whitehorse, Yukon

I had moved into a new place and hung large heavy picture in the kitchen. I came home and found the picture on floor standing against the wall. I thought my roommate took it down but it was too heavy for her,and she claims that she did not do it. I hung it back up after checking the lag bolt I used to hang it. It would not have been possible for the picture to have come off the wall without breaking on the kitchen floor. The next day I came home, same thing, picture leaning against wall on the floor. I rehung it and it was down again the next day so I moved it to the opposite wall and hung it there with no further incidents.

I had vases mysteriously disappear from their location and appear behind the tv on the floor. This vase was extremely fragile and could not have fallen and landed on its base in the middle of the opening behind the tv and wall corner. This happened twice. I had things rearranged on the livingroom table on 2 occasions. I saw shadows walk across our archway 10-15 times. WE had an elevator activate on 3 or 4 occasions with no keys! I had items like my belt and hers moved to other locations and rolled up. we both are belt people-I wear one in the bush-hers is ornamental but we both put them in their normal places, in separate rooms and had them "hidden" on us at the same time.

I found out a gentleman who was in a wheelchair(hence the elevator)had died recently in that house. I called him "Ralph" and spoke to him often if something happened or I saw something. It appeared he didn't like certain items in some places-the picture-the vase-our belts,-stuff on the table. I lived there about 4 months and his presence was almost daily.

The whole experience changed my way of thinking. I never believed in ghosts or spirits or poltergeists until these things started happening. I consider myself to be intelligent and open-minded . I just couldn't even try to explain the things that were happening like elevators moving with no keys, things moved/hidden,shadows moving down hallways,knocks on the walls when nobody else was home. There were just too many things. Im a believer now! I talked to this or these "spirits" several times, sometimes asking if it was ok to play the music loud haha. if I didn't get a response, I just went ahead. I got use to him but my roomy was terrified.

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