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Experiences that do not easily fit into other categories

The following account of a possible time slip or shift that occurred during a first time business trip to Edmonton is a small excerpt from a much larger study on such Fortean events compiled by Andrew MacKenzie, called Adventures in Time (London: Athlone, 1997)


"During her first visit to Edmonton on a business trip, "Amy Meredith" was traveling on a freeway in a taxi when she saw a building at a crossroads, which she assumed must be the legislative building. "It was a very large, impressive-looking building made of reddish brown bricks" that sat on a grassy knoll overlooking a wide blue river.

"It was like a tableau," she recalled. As the taxi rounded a bend, Meredith continued looking at the sight over her left shoulder. She was surprised that Edmonton should have anything as "lovely" as this building, which she observed for about two minutes. The incident had a "powerful effect" on her, making her feel strangely excited and elated.

When Meredith returned to Edmonton for a vacation with her four­teen-year-old son in 1985, she was eager to visit the West Edmonton Mall and, of course, the legislative building that had so impressed her four years earlier. But when she saw the real legislative building, she was very disappointed and surprised. Where could "my" building be, she wondered?

Meredith later contacted the Tourist Board of Edmonton, but these people had no knowledge of any such building. Nevertheless they sent her many brochures, maps, and pictures of Edmonton, in the hopes she could identify the building, but it was to no avail.

Meredith, who claims to be "psychically sensitive," especially when traveling, is certain that she did not glimpse a scene from Edmonton's past. But if it was a scene from another city's past, why would it show up here, she wondered? Could it have been from another dimension, she speculated. Could it have been a scene from Edmonton's own fu­ture?"



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