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Orange Orbs triangle formation


Photo above of orb triangle taken by airline pilot of 20 years.

For most, the evening hours of August 26th, 2014 was clouded with memories of an eventful summer and with the anticipation of an approaching holiday long weekend.

But the evening of the 26th was going to be like none other – and it was just the start to something extraordinary. There was something in the sky, a large fire-like sphere, witnessed stationary, then maneuvering unlike any recognized celestial object or conventional aircraft. The same object was seen nightly, at different times across Canada and the United States as well as in New Zealand, from the 26th until September 3rd.

On some nights the object appeared in the same geographical location doing the same maneuvers, but at different physical times. On other nights it appeared at relatively the same time, doing the same maneuvers but appeared in different locations geographically.  

While most witnessed a singular object, some witnessed a group of objects. Most witnessed the object or objects at a great distance while one witness in particular saw the object very close and even managed to take a photo. Witnesses ranged from truck drivers, police supervisors, air plane pilots and military personnel.

As reports started appearing on social media sites, You Tube and Internet forums, more witnesses came forward reportedly seeing orange-like orbs in the sky.

In New York, many saw orbs floating above their city but it was determined that the orbs here were nothing more than Chinese Lanterns released into the  night sky.

In California, reports poured in about orbs lighting up the night sky. These lights were seen by several residents in Carlsbad, Oceanside, and Vista. They turned out to be flares from a nighttime training exercise at Camp Pendleton.

Others report that it could be an exaggerated Sprite Anomaly:

These simple explanations, however, cannot be attributed to the vast majority of the eye-witness testimony from across Canada, the United States and near ChristChurch New Zealand.

The orbs and UFOs witnessed do not represent Chinese Lanterns, Military Flares, Space Junk, Satellites, Meteors or any known natural phenomenon.

So what is going on? What is the relationship between each of these extraordinary events?

Geographically, they tend to follow a relative path (with the exception of the New Zealand reports).

Up the Eastern United States, into Ontario Canada, across into the United States toward the Pacific coast, up into the mountain states, back into Canada and finally into Alaska witnessed heading in a South Western direction.

South West of Alaska.

Remember this report?

A Partial Listing of eye-witness testimony and the photographic evidence appears below. For a detailed listing of Ontario UFO reports for the time period click here for Ontario UFOs


Witness Sees Glowing Ball of Light in Sky
Location: Aiken, South Carolina

“I was out on my porch at about 9:30 when I saw something in the sky grab my attention. It was a very unusual star. It was large and orange in color and seemed to be fading in and out. As I stared at the star I noticed that it started to move slowly downward (or away toward the horizon) and then suddenly it changed direction and shot up over my head in an instant. There was no sound but there was a brilliant flash of white light for an instant or two. When it shot off it looked like an orange ball on fire.”

Red Orbs Appear in Sky in Circle Formation
Location: Emerald Isle, North Carolina

Police Witness Orange and Yellow UFO in Harrisburg Pennsylvania
Location: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania


Orange Fireballs in Circle Formation
Location: Columbus Ohio

“My friend pointed up and I saw what he was looking at. It was an orange ball of light and looked pretty far away but it was going around in circles. There was another smaller one that was tailing it in the same direction. Eventually the small orange one went into the larger one and it zoomed off Eastern direction. Never saw anything like it.”

Orange Fireball Flies Across Cleveland
Location: Cleveland, Ohio

“I saw a large orange disc like object in the sky. It started to move slowly, then sped up and then slowed down again. I thought it may be a plane on fire because it was glowing so much and looked like it was on fire. Then it flew faster than any plane I've seen and kept going out of sight.”


Bright Orb Appears Over Jamestown, NY
Location: Jamestown, New York

“Walking the dog at around 11pm I saw a pretty bright orange light in the sky. It looked like about 1/8th the size of the moon. Very big. My dog started whining when I saw it. I calmed my dog down and thought it was weird that he got so nervous or scared. The orb thing was getting smaller as I watched it. It looked like it was zooming off. It eventually faded away.”

Unusual Event Witnessed Described as “Orange Moon”
Location: NW New Jersey

“August 28, about 5:05 a.m., eastern time in northwest New Jersey, in southeastern sky.  Busy watching venus rising when a saw something about the size of a full moon suddenly appear, with a red conona around it.  It quickly became all red as it was expanding, then within a few seconds turned all white, as it continued to expand, and the whiteness dissipated as it conitinued to expand and fade.  Was this a star exploding?”

Other witnesses came forward from New Hampshire and Maryland who said they saw the same event:

“I am from the eastern shore of Maryland and also saw 2 episodes of what looked like a orange moon that dissipated into nothing within minutes at around 5:00am. I am not sure what this phenomenon could have been but am very curious? Does anyone have an answer?”

“Hello, yes, we saw the exact same thing that Evelyn described above, with the exception that we saw two identical (2) incidents, about 3-to-4 minutes apart. Truly was amazing and indescribable -- what was this? we are in Central New Hampshire, and experienced this sight at about 5:05am, having coffee on the deck!”

Glowing Orange Fireball Reverses Trajectory
Location: ChristChurch, NZ

There were several eye-witness reports of meteors reported at this time and location but this witness came forward with something unusual:

“Out late driving 2am, saw a fireball (meteor) shoot down from the heavens. Like blazes it was fast and I was waiting for it to crash and make a large bang. But as I was watching it, it stopped and changed directions right back where it was coming from and made a line that was bright orange and green. Girlfriend in vehicle saw similar. We discussed and couldn't put words to it. Looked online and found a bunch of meteor reports. Nothing like ours.”

Orange Ball of Light Goes Over Mountain
Location: Geraldine, NZ

“Saw an orange ball of light floating in the sky. Thought it was a heli but then it went really fast, then floated around, then really fast again. Kept a good pace toward Aoraki and went UP and OVER it and then went away from sight. Felt dizzy afterward. Never thought about UFOs until now.”


Round Purple and Orange UFO precedes Shooting Stars
Location: Riverhead, New York

“The first thing i noticed was a perfict shaped cloud eluminated, than it faded away. Then just to the left of that a disk appeared, it was purple, with some shades of orange and slight yellow on the left side. After about 12 seconds, it disappeared, leaving a round shaped cloud where it was that faded away. Seconds later much further up in the sky i saw two, what apeard to be shooting stars with tails go in the south east direction away from the rising sun.”

Lights Pulsating and Changing Shape
Location: Massapequa, NY

“Lights, pulsating - some color change, some changing shapes appeared and disappeared. Driving Don Merrick Road West, Massapequa saw lights, stopped noted 20 objects moving south to north.”

Fireball Object and Craft-Like Object Seen Together
Location: Sayville, NY

“At approximately 8:30pm last night I was standing in my back yard in Sayville, on Long Island, New York with 3 other witnesses having a conversation. I happened to be facing south with my eyes just starting to drift upward when suddenly I saw a ball of light fall from the sky leaving a trail behind it. The object was blue-ish in color and large as to say it must have been closer than the stars and possibly even in the neighborhood.

I stopped what I was doing and said “ woahh did any one just see that, that definitely wasn’t a shooting star, it looked like something just crashed.” It happened that this object fell directly over the Great South Bay.

I was very shocked by what I saw because I have been a bit of a star gazer for quite some time and I know what a shooting star looks like.

After about 2 more minutes of staring up to see if anything else occurred, I shrugged it off and walked in side to do something. I returned to the back yard approximately 6 to 7 minutes after the sighting, my uncle had been still gazing in that direction in curiosity, when about 30 seconds after I returned he said, “There is something else over there.”

I looked and I saw a flash of light skip twice on the sky in the area where the other object had crashed or fallen, I was even skeptical at first and said, “No, that can’t be related. It’s probably fireworks, or something, searching for some explanation,” when all of a sudden, the object seemed to have finished what it was doing in that area and began to make abrupt evasive seeming maneuvers across the sky. However, it wasn’t just one long flash of light, the best way I can describe it is it was like a rock skipping on water, using some kind of propulsion mechanism which must have been the light that we saw each time it appeared, and with each burst of light the object was propelled tens of miles (from my earthly perspective, and it may have been much longer given the distance that it was into the night sky)

In approximately one second at a time, beginning its r! etreat f rom the scene of the first object by making an abrupt left turn then headed north and the light appeared about 5 or 6 more times before vanishing into the sky about 60 miles or so in about 7 or 8 seconds, or you might say the light appeared once every second of its journey from point A to point B where it disappeared.

I live close to MacArthur Airport, and I see planes all day every day, and every kind of plane there is, I also worked at a Skydiving facility with seasoned pilots and worked around planes so I have a good sense of what we are capable of in aviation, so a few things I know is that this was not a plane or any known human aircraft, there were multiple commercial airliners in the vicinity to compare it to and this was traveling many times their speed.

This was also too close to the airport for this not to have been picked up on by radar, something crashed or fell into the Great South Bay, and something seemed to have gone to recover it and then tried to escape without being seen, or is it possible that this was the same object recovering from its crash landing and the reason I say that is because it looked as if when the craft was traveling away from the scene it was using some kind of propulsion system thus creating the light that we saw each time it moved another handful of miles across the sky, but it’s obvious that whatever energy or propulsion system that it was using is not one that is known to the public, because one thrust sent it very far, also being that it was not just one constant light, it felt as if possibly the craft was struggling to escape, however on its final thrust it just vanished into the sky.

The observers consisted of two women in their 50’s and a man in his 50’s as well as me a 25 year old. The other male observer and I have knowledge of technology, assumed ufos, and the night sky. I have observed the sky for many years, I have witnessed many meteor showers, including a shooting star that night, we also saw a satellite pass later that night, and the sky was very clear and cloudless, stars were extremely visible, meaning we had many known objects to compare it to. I live in an area which is close to Fire Island, which is an area that is well populated with tourists and parties and these objects had to be visible and most likely seen by other people there. I will add that last week I also witnessed similar lights but much higher in the sky coming from the exact direction that this object disappeared into. I can not say if it is related but it was very similar although this incident was much more intense and much closer. Thank you.”

Reddish-Orange orbs sighted
Location: Sykesville, MD

“Around 11:20pm this evening I was driving south on Route 32 in Sykesville, MD, when I noticed strange lights in the sky. It appeared to me as if they had just crossed over 32 and were heading west. I quickly realized I was witnessing UFOs.

I turned onto Johnsville Road and got out of the car to observe. It was eerily quiet. There were maybe a dozen of them. They were reddish-orange orbs that appeared to be just sitting in the sky, and then I saw them all move together, but very, very slowly. They all proceeded together in the same direction up Johnsville Road, completely silent, and suddenly all of them disappeared at about the same time.

I am not certain about this part, but I thought that the lights turned white just prior to disappearing. I did try to get photos on my iphone. All I have are a few shots of black sky. In one photo there is a bright light in the bottom left corner of the photo, but I am thinking I may have picked up a street light. I cannot be sure, it is quite blurry.

Side Note: I noticed my car lights were out when I turned around. I had left them on. Upon starting the vehicle, the lights immediately came on. My lights always stay on a few minutes after the car is turned off and then they automatically shut off. However, when I got home I left my lights on and when I opened my car door all lights shut off. I have to assume something has gone bad in my car and the UFOs had nothing to do with my lights. I am going to see if I can figure out why suddenly all the lights go off when I open the car door. This has never occurred before.“

Orange-Orb Triangle Craft Seen By Airline Pilot
Location: Salisbury, MD

“I’m an Airline Pilot, based in Salisbury, MD. I’ve flown for three different airlines, and corporate operations since 1988. Tonight at 2048 local time I witnessed an equilateral triangle shaped object, due north of my position, moving east.

The corners of the triangle were defined by reddish-orange orbs of light. It made no sound that I could hear, and appeared to roll about its longitudinal axis, so that I was observing the object edge on.

I was observing the object from PGH, the local hospital, and it seemed to be about 5 to 10 statute miles away.
I will attach a photo. I hope this helps with any investigation that may ensue.” (see photo at the top of this page)

Triangle Shaped Orange Lights
Location: Merrick, NY

“My father, my two brothers and I were leaving my uncles house after visiting a new edition to the family.

When we walked outside, I looked into the sky thinking there was a bunch of stars out but the lights I saw were flashing and gliding in a downward motion. They were 3 flashing lights in one area, another on the far left and another in the far right all gliding through the air.

The 3 in the middle were making a shape of an upside down triangle and they kept gliding towards the ground until they left our sight.”

Dancing Fireball Going West
Location: Northport, NY

“About 11:30 I walked outside looked to the south and saw a fireball dancing in the sky traveling west disappeared over the horizon.”

Red and Blue Light Flashing in Night Sky
Location: Akron,NY

“Object seen flashing red and blue quickly hovering over Akron, NY, morning of 8/28 and then Pendleton, NY, 8/29. Object remains at same hight and static in sky at about 2000 to 3000 ft. It does not move.  Definitely not a star.”

Bright Orange Object Over Syracuse
Location: Syracuse, NY

“Bright orange object, 5-10 arc-minutes, indistinct borders, S. to N., 4 min horizon to horizon,

Star gazing with new refractor about MN, (note often see satellites passing S. to N. overhead, meteors, airplanes, and I know the difference), naked eye observation of very bright glowing orange object pass in strait line S. to N.. Unusual in that there was a very bright glow or cloud that was large surrounding it, not pin-point as in a satellite or plane but in angular degree probable about the size of my little finger nail or less held at arm stretch.

Shape seemed somewhat triangular but cloud like.

45 min later passes over again same speed and direction but brighter.  Assume dying orbit of satellite entering upper atmosphere? In 45 years of star gazing never saw anything like it.”


Orange Object Hovering
Location: North Tonawanda, NY

“Orange color. Not blinking. Fading and changing in shape, while being shapeless. Possibly changed in position/direction. First seen on right and switched to the left.”

Orange Lighted Craft Witnessed
Location: Racine, WI

“On 8/30/2014 at 23:23, we observed a disk shaped craft in the night sky.  When we first saw the craft, the craft was lit up with an amber/orange colored light. We immediately started to discuss the craft and as soon as we spoke about it, the light dimmed and turned off, as if to camouflage itself from view.

The craft was still visible even without the light, as it was flying very low and was quite large. The craft moved rather quickly but made no noise as it moved above us.

The craft continued to fly past and eventually, we lost view of it. This was not an airplane or helicopter. This was something much, much different and something I have never seen before.”

Orange Orbs Near Military Base
Location: Rancho Cordova, California

“I saw two large orbs pulsating and then going up as if going into space. Then two more smaller orbs appeared and started going in circles around each other until they faded out. Lasted about 2 min!”

Orange Blob on Fire
Location: Stockton, California

“I saw a blob like creature in the sky that looked like it was on fire. Thought I was dreaming but wasn't. Looking through window. I then went outside and had a closer look. It was huge and spinning, looked less blob like, but more like a sparkler. It was on fire. It then simply disappeared. I heard a loud woosh sound and a bang about 30 sec later.”


Cochrane AB August 30th 2014 11pm

"we were camping at North ghost campground. the event occurred while we were around the camp fire.- I am always looking in the sky, I looked up and and between the trees I could see 4 or 5 bright lights, orange in colour. I said holy shit what is going on. at first glance I thought they were stars or planets and wondered why they were orange and why they were so bright.- one was dropping, others were moving slowly across sky, but because of trees we were looseing sight.we went to the road and watched a couple of them for a few more minutes.- They came back about 10 min later."

St Norbert Fireball August 30th 2014 9:40pm

"My husband and I were doing yard work.  I pointed to the sky and said, "look, is that a meteor"?  My husband and I watched an orange light in the sky move rapidly across the sky about 1000ft up, moving South to North, over St. Norbert/Fort Richmond.  It lasted 40 seconds and then it split into 2 separate lights.  Then we lost track. I know this is air path for airport; There was no sound of an aircraft and it was moving quicker then aircraft in that area."


Reddish-White Lights Floating
Location: Mankato, MN

“A witness and I saw three reddish-white, round lights in the sky over Mankato, MN, at roughly 00:15 on August 31st, 2014.

Looking towards the North from Downtown Mankato, the lights were very clearly visible.

The first of the three headed in a straight line traveling a southwesterly direction, at a slow steady pace, travelling across the sky for roughly one minute. When it neared some thin clouds it seemed to fade to nothing, as if it were going through the cloud. This light appeared and disappeared alone.

The second two lights were the same color/shape/brightness as the first, but followed each other across the sky and appeared shortly after the first faded out. They stayed about the same distance apart and traveled in the same straight line, also fading to nothing.

There was a short break between when the first light and the second two were witnessed, approximately 10-15 seconds. These lights made no sound, moved in a straight line, appeared and disappeared in roughly the same spot in the sky, and traveled at the same speed.

I have seen plenty of airplanes/helicopters in the night sky and I can say with certainty that this was something different, as I have never seen anything like this before. They were about the size of a helicopter, but they didn't behave as such, fading out like they did.”

Orange Pulsating Orb
Location: Montrose, Michigan

“Had company over for dinner. We were all out on the porch talking. I have a big unobstructed view across from my house in a rural area. Suddenly saw a bright pulsating orange orb moving rather quickly from s to n above treeline. Told everyone, "look, look" as I have seen many things in the night sky here and wanted witnessess this time. It moved in a straight line, then slowed, then hovered. Moved again for a few seconds, then vanished. Duration of sighting: 2 minutes. Witnesses: 5. So glad I wasn't the only one to see it this time.”

Orange Ball of Light
Location: Peterborough, Ontario

“Just seen one orange ball of light over Peterborough, Ontario around 11:13 moving really fast it was huge. It was a giant ball of orange and it was bright orange in the middle with almost a ball of flames around it let me know if anyone else seen it. My girlfriend see is also (2 witnesses) video of light sent in.”

Red and Orange UFOs seen over Darlington Nuclear Power Plant
Location: Bowmanville, Ontario

“I was on my back deck I live north of the Darlington Nuclear Plant in Bowmanville, just east of MapleGrove. I was on the phone with my friend it was approx. 9:45, when I saw coming towards me a few hundred feet in the sky a stream of … ufo's I told my friend there are..I counted 7 then no 8, at first I thought helicopters from a distance but as they come closer all in a long row, coming from due north, looking about equal distance apart, and seemed to be moving fast, Red and Orange, I thought maybe air balloon shaped, then straight up, just before it got over my head I ran in to get my camera looked up and only 4, all disappearing then one by one as I fiddled with my camera, then missing the camera shorts as the 2nd last one went straight up like super fast, I got a pic of the last one, when it was looking now more like a star, just a white light of its tail end. Incredible, it spooked me, and I finally decided to google it...faster than any helicopter and I do believe I could here a distant unfamiliar sound, not like a helicopter but similar. The sky was clear. Within seconds I thoguht I saw a satellite in the same area it had disappeared to.. I'd love to hear an explanation. My friend heard what was happening whole on the phone with her...”

Moon like Object with Orange Round Spot In Middle
Location: Welland, Ontario

“I too saw two moon like objects in the sky a few minutes apart. It appeared at first about the size of a full moon and gradually got larger and brighter. An orange round spot developed in the right bottom part of the circle and then the whole circle began to look like a quarter moon except you could see the rest of the circle at the same time. It moved slowly to the left and eventually faded out and looked like a long stretch of constellation of stars. A few moments later I could see another smaller one developing lower in the sky above the trees but could not get a good look, and it seemed to just dissapper too. LIKE NOTHING I HAVE EVER SEEN BEFORE!”

Orange Fireball Zooming Off
Location: Calgary, Alberta

“We were out for a walk and saw a huge fireball glowing in the sky in the north. Thought it may be northern lights. It pulsated and then zoomed off. It was around 10:30 pm.”

Please see listing for more Ontario Reports here


Large Orange Craft Witnessed
Location: Dillsburg Pennsylvania

“I was going out to get my phone charger. Saw this huge orange craft hovering with objects hovering beside it like it was going into it . What I thought when I first noticed it was is that the moon then I looked quickly for the moon but their was no moon out. It was in a stationary position with a orange glow an a ribs coming off the back of it. Then the ribs slowly went away an formed into one solid form lost sight of it when I went to grab my changer real fast with in a few seconds It was gone the whole time their was a airplane that flew over after an during the sighting. this object was so bright you could even see the other plane around until it was over in five mins.”

Orange Sphere Glowing and Pulsating
Location: Glocester, Rhode Island

“I was sitting in my car in the grocery store parking lot talking on my phone around 8:15 on September 2, 2014 when I observe a large glowing orange sphere type object coming over the trees. I was yelling what the hell is that into the phone? I had a fear that something would crash to the ground and I was afraid I may be in danger- it veered slightly to the left and higher in the sky on a diagnal course. I then got out of my car and watched it glow by it seemed to be glowing/pulsating- it traveled like a small plane gliding almost- and I watched it till it was out of sight. No idea what is it was- never saw anything like that almost doesnt even seem possible I saw it.”


Orange Fireball Orb
Location: Idaho Falls, ID

“We saw an orange orb Ufo flying north from our location over our house. It zoomed fast and made no noise. Started flashing and then we all got really bad almost instant headaches. Went inside wanted nothing to do with it.”

Orange Flashing Light with Green Tail
Location: Great Falls, Montana

“Driving south saw orange flashing light in sky, moved in sudden movements and flashed white each time. Left a green trail behind it. Susppected it to be military. Flew over when I pulled over, no sounds not even wind. The green trail looked like sparklers. Pretty cool to see but no idea what it was/.”

Orange Fireball
Location Anchorage, Alaska

“Saw a huge fireball in the sky coming from south and entering north. Thought it was a shooting star until it stopped mid flight, grew bigger, and exploded into white. THEN it flew south west pulsating orange-red-white. Four witnesses.”

Our thanks to John Savoie for investigating the Calgary reports and compiling this larger listing. We will add to the list as other reports become known to us. Our thanks goes out to the witnesses for sharing these experiences. If you have seen something similar during these dates or  can add further information to any of these reports, or have experienced something that you believe may be a UFO please contact us at or fill out our reporting form Your privacy will be protected and confidentiality is assured.