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"I am being driven, somewhat reluctantly to the feeling that many UFOs are caused by our own psychic energy somehow interacting with matter" - J. Allen Hynek


Courtesy of the Henry McKay UFO Archives, this historical document is a letter from Dr. J. Allen Hynek to Iris Owen, dated August 24, 1977.  It is significant to not only the UFO research community, but also to the ghost research community as it addresses the commonality between both phenomenon. Dr Hynek worked on the U.S. Air Force's UFO Project Bluebook and Iris along with her husband Dr George Owen developed the Philip experiments in Toronto.


Letter from Dr. J. Allen Hynek to Iris Owen, dated August 24, 1977


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Our thanks to Michelle Mckay for allowing us to reproduce this significant and historical document to both UFOlogy and Parapsychology.